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The Banking Academy is the foremost provider of integrated business intelligence to the financial services industry in Asia-Pacific and the Middle East. Our pool of programme managers tailor specific management programmes for banks. These include management off-sites, scenario planning and brainstorming sessions as well as team-building off-sites with a strong practical focus on issues facing the financial services industry.

In conjunction with benchmarking, research and management programmes capability, The Banking Academy provides highly tailored industry specific consulting services to all stakeholders in the financial services industry.

Our consulting capabilities are supported by the domain knowledge of our senior researchers, strong data support, and an in-depth understanding of best practices across the industry. A unique feature of our consulting service is that we draw on subject matter experts who work closely with us on a project basis. Clients benefit from strong analytical capabilities that are in-house to our core business and practical skills of highly experienced executives from the banking industry.

Listed below are some of the ways we have been helping banks and financial technology vendors chart developments in the industry, identify best practices, and provide value-added information to support senior decision-makers in the region's financial institutions. Please click on the titles to read more:

1. Benchmarked the operational processes of a line-of-business for an Indian Bank
  Client: A major financial services institution based in India seeking an institution which can assess the scalability of its current processes, systems and human resources in retail assets and operations in light of future growth plans and benchmark themselves against best practices in the region.  
  The Banking Academy used its comprehensive library of benchmarking templates comprising data and emerging industry best practices to assess the banks’ performance relative to its peers. Using the quantitative data, the bank ascertained its position relative to its peers and applied best practices to support its strategic initiatives.
2. In-depth assessment of buying behaviour and key focus areas of banks in China
  Client: One of the world’s largest provider of self-service solutions to the financial services industry looked to reinforce its dominant market position in China by identifying the areas of topmost business potential and understanding the buying behaviour and decision-making process in banks operating in each tier and in the different regions. The client requested for immediate project commencement on an accelerated research timeline.
  The Banking Academy mobilised a team of in-house consultants dedicated to the 4-week blitz consulting project and conducted more than 30 in-depth interviews with banks operating in different scales and regions, many of which were held in-person and included onsite surveys at these banks. Research findings on the specific investment outlook of banks across the different tiers helped the client to craft a coherent strategy across the value chain and provide integrated solutions for enhanced profitability. The Banking Academy was approached for its unique access to the Chinese banking community and leveraged on its acute knowledge of the Chinese market dynamic to deliver the primary data set, report and a boardroom brief to the client’s key country executives around the world.
3. Built a roadmap for entry into the SME & corporate banking businesses of a large emerging market country in Indochina
  Client: An Asian bank exploring opportunities to offer SME & corporate banking services in Vietnam. The bank sought customised research to gain a complete understanding of the operating environment in Vietnam, in order to develop a fully actionable business strategy for establishing an SME and corporate banking unit in Vietnam.
  The Banking Academy Consulting team provided the bank with a comprehensive study on the needs-based priorities of SMEs and large corporations in Vietnam, drilled down to case studies of specific corporations, with recommendations on market entry environment and outlook for SMEs & large corporations in Vietnam.
4. Assisted a Middle Eastern bank to build its own in-house Banking Academy
  Client: A bank in the UAE with plans to expand rapidly in the UAE and in new markets like the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), North Africa and Asia. The bank was seeking a partner to build a fully developed training infrastructure to support such growth across its businesses.
  The Banking Academy methodology was leveraged upon to help the bank design, measure and build a banking academy of its own to train, groom and standardise all its employees over the tenure of their stay at the bank and prepare them as professionals for the future of the UAE’s financial services industry.
5. Extensive study on consumer credit trends in China
  Client: An NYSE listed business intelligence company, sourcing for a subject expert to provide an in-depth market assessment of consumer credit practices and trends in Asia Pacific with emphasis on China.
  The Banking Academy Consulting team conducted extensive multi-country research using surveys and interviews to identify the current pain points and challenges banks face throughout the consumer credit lifecycle. Findings enabled client to refine product proposition and facilitated country-specific go-to-market strategies. The research also raised client’s visibility in under-penetrated markets in Asia Pacific. Final deliverables included reports, white papers, boardroom brief, & presentation of results (closing session) at an industry conference.
6. Market opportunity study on Islamic core banking transformation
  Client: A NASDAQ listed IT vendor, interested in primary research and analysis of market opportunities from Islamic banks in the ASEAN region and the Middle East, specifically, in the area of Islamic core banking transformation.
  The Banking Academy Consulting team conducted survey and interview-based research across five countries to identify strategic IT priorities of Islamic banks in the next 18 months. Findings enabled identification of market opportunities and strategies to grow the vendor’s market share with tactical marketing campaigns. Final deliverables included research reports, white papers, boardroom brief, & presentation at industry conference.
7. Organised The Banking Crisis Strategic Review Retreat
  The Banking Academy organised a Banking Crisis Strategic Review Retreat on 4-5 December, 2008.  It was a highly interactive two-day programme designed for select senior executives of financial institutions to help them build their own responses over the next 12-18 months and to better grasp the implications of the current global crisis on the business of banking.
8. Led a Strategy Formulation Off-site for the Board of Directors of a Southeast Asian Bank
  Client: A bank sourcing for a subject expert on strategy formulation to give their board insights into the trends and future prospects of the banking industry, thus facilitating their strategic planning in charting out the future direction of the bank.
  The Banking Academy held a two-day strategy formulation off-site meeting for the board of directors, achieving: i) a greater coherence of shared values on industry trends; ii) a strategic perspective of recent local and global developments; and iii) future prospects of the banking industry, especially those effecting similar banks.  The offsite meeting brought board members together to a consensus on core decisions and strategic direction for the bank.
9. Organised an overseas wealth management study tour for senior management of a major Chinese bank
  Client: A Chinese bank looking to strengthen its market position in wealth management services in China. The bank was looking for expert consultants with unique industry access to help them apply regional best practice business models into the local Chinese context, thereby enhancing their private banking proposition. They wanted to learn from experiences in Singapore, being one of the leading wealth management centers in Asia and also learn from leading practitioners.
  The Banking Academy designed a 2-day comprehensive training programme that examined the evolution of wealth management services in advanced private banking centres and advised the client on the competitive profiles of major market players. A management report expounding on our consulting recommendations was delivered to senior management. An onsite branch visit as well as luncheon presentations were also organised on the back of our unique goodwill with the local banking community.
10. Conducted In-house programme for a central bank on Internal Audit Performance Management
  Client: A central bank overseeing programmes to combat money laundering and the financing of terrorism keen to design a customised training for their Internal Audit team on performance management.
  The Banking Academy designed a 2-day comprehensive training programme after a needs analysis to up-skill the team which included continuous auditing techniques and industry audit standards, among other topics. The Banking Academy also sourced a world renowned expert to provide that programme from its international resource pool.
11.Customised a training programme in IT budgeting and expenditure outlook in the FSI
  Client: A leading independent IT infrastructure solutions and services company, looking to gain a sense of country-by-country key trends in IT budgeting and expenditure outlook in the FSI, and a customised training for staff who have been selling solutions across verticals and are now assigned to focus on the financial services industry.
  The Banking Academy held a comprehensive training programme that included authoritative sessions on key trends and outlook of the financial services industry and its implications on technology spend in countries in the Asia Pacific region, so as to identify sales opportunities.  The training helped the team to up-skill their knowledge of the key banking segments targeted by the company and to create a strong sales capability for selling banking solutions.

We offer innovative business solutions for leading players in the financial services industry, based on our domain knowledge and world wide access to resources within the industry. Do contact us to discuss your strategic planning or consulting needs and we will be happy to customise a solution specifically for your organisation.

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